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Are you confused and struggling with feeling emotionally out of control and looking to find ways to create a healing mindset?

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Is this you?


You want to find ways to get rid of the overwhelm you are feeling.

You know you need to ask for help and aren’t sure how to do it.

You want to be in as much control as possible of your healing journey to do what you know is right for you, not just what the medical world believes is right for you.

You are looking for ways to face the challenges more positively.

You are ready to create a new perspective, tap into your personal power for healing and live life to your fullest potential?


You want to figure out the potential reason behind why you got sick so you can work through it, release it, heal in mind, body and spirit and move forward with your life and figure out what the new normal is going to be.

I totally get it.

Here is why!

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I have been through many healing journeys. Trouble with parents, their divorce when I was young, two major knee operations (after the last one, I was told I may never walk again, but I worked through it and am doing well, deaths of my mother and brother from cancer, recently my father’s death from cancer, but the the one that was the pivotal point and pushed me to write my book was:

In 2016, two months, almost to the day, before my 60th birthday I was diagnosed with triple negative, inflammatory, stage 3, grade 3 breast cancer.

I chose to set aside my holistic stress management coaching business and did everything in my power to release the cancer.

I am happy to say, it was worth all the effort and I was successful!

Below is information about how I dealt with the cancer healing journey. I used this same mindset and practices for each and every time I needed to heal.

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My journey took many twists and turns.

I did a lot of research.

I did lots of complementary and alternative modalities.

I also found doctors that would work WITH me on the journey.

I made choices that were right for me.

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One of the most heart wrenching decisions I made was to do chemotherapy.

It went against everything I believed.

I took time to meditate and decided this was the right path.

I am grateful I chose to do this.


There were other choices I made during the journey that were also right for me.

I chose not to do radiation and I chose not to get a double mastectomy and full hysterectomy even though in the genetic testing they found I carry the BRCA1 gene.

Again, these were the right choices for me.



At the end of the medical part of my healing journey (as with all cancer patients, there is a much longer healing journey to be made), I chose to change my name since I was not the same person I had been prior to the diagnosis. The full story of my name change is in my book Mindset for Healing: A Profound Yet Simple Plan to See Healing from a New Perspective.”

There were lots of lessons that came out of the healing journey for me.

One of the biggest lessons that came to me through my journaling and meditation was that I was not stepping into my power as a healer, empath and intuitive.

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I have now stepped into my power and I am here to help you step into yours!

I’m an empath, intuitive and healer. As a mindset coach, I work with mature, spiritual women who have had or are in the midst of a breast cancer diagnosis, to guide you to create a mindset for healing so you can embrace and take control of your healing journey, face challenges positively and celebrate life while healing mind, body and spirit.

As a breast cancer releaser, I know firsthand what it is like to go through a cancer healing journey. I’m an international author of Mindset for Healing: A Profound Yet Simple Plan to See Healing from a New Perspective.

I’m a certified health and wellness coach, certified laughter yoga leader, certified breathologist and have earned Level 2 Reiki.



In the beginning, when I was told my diagnosis, I felt totally out of control and didn’t know what steps to take next. I took some time, did my research and decided on a path I wanted to take. I spoke to my medical oncologist, explained my plan and together we came up with the steps. Of course, there were certain medical protocols that needed to be followed, but there were also lots of other options I could personally do on my own. I always informed my doctors of what I planned to do so that nothing would interfere with the medical side of my treatment. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but there was one herb I could not take.



I was the person who in the past had a very difficult time asking for help and I learned to set that aside and asked for help since there were many things I could not do for myself. This was one of the best things I did! It was totally overwhelming to me with everything I needed to do around the house, for my business and to heal. I was fortunate to have a great support group to do the things I could let go of so I could concentrate on healing and releasing the cancer.

Are you ready to ask for help and stop the overwhelm?



I wanted things to be positive, I wanted my healing journey to be more positive than all the negative information coming at me, so I created a positive atmosphere by not only being positive myself, but by asking others that when they were around me to do the same. This is not to say that I didn’t have days when I sat and cried all day. I did have these type of days. I honored the feelings and sat with them for the day and then moved on. By doing this, I was able to handle the challenges from a positive frame of mind.

Is a more positive healing journey what you want?



Notice, the question is “why?”, not “why me?”

I spent lots of time meditating, journaling, sleeping, watching tv and movies. (and) I did lots and lots of (time) thinking. I kept asking questions and would allow myself to be open to the answers that came. I also worked with other healers to help me figure things out. I learned a lot about myself and what I could bring to the world through my healing journey.



I chose to take control of my healing and do it my way. It was not always the easiest path to take but it was definitely the right path for me. I discovered how much strength I have and I can help you find your inner strength also!


Are you ready to create a healing mindset, face your challenges from a positive perspective and celebrate life while healing mind, body and spirit?

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During my healing journey I posted weekly on

I had a lot of friends and family tell me that I needed to write my journey so that others could benefit from the perspective I brought.

I began writing about my journey three months after I had lumpectomy surgery and had three lymph nodes removed under my right arm.

It was way too raw for me to relive the journey so I sat and asked the universe what it was that I needed to bring to the world.

What came out of this was my new book: Mindset for Healing: A Profound Yet Simple Plan to See Healing from a New Perspective.

This book is available on in paperback and e-book form or if you live in the Columbus, OH area, you can purchase them from me or at Thrive Massage and Wellness in Gahanna.


Having experienced this first hand, I can relate to all of your struggles.


That is why I decided to write the book and make it as simple as possible. I understand that when you are in the midst of healing, you want something that is easy to read but will also give you the insights you are looking for.

My suggestion is to first purchase the book and read it to understand the 10-step plan I have outlined in the book.

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What I Believe

Healing just the body is only scratching the surface. The only way to really heal is by healing mind, body and spirit.

Healing needs to come from the inside out.

Some of your journey has to be completed alone and some of it needs others to help you along.

Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness!

Each day and sometime each hour or minute needs to be taken one step at a time.

Mindset and attitude, including the words you use, are more important than you realize.

Empowering yourself to take control of your healing journey is key.

Looking at alternative/complementary methods of healing as additional options is a way to create a healing journey more inline with you.

During this time of healing, it is important to take time to embrace life, to live it to its fullest as best you are able so you can enjoy the journey instead of dreading it.


"Please keep in mind the distinction between healing and treatment: treatment originates from outside, whereas healing comes from within."

- Andrew Weil MD