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Create a New Perspective Tap into Your Personal Power to Heal Live Life to Your Fullest Potential

Mindset for Healing

A Profound Yet Simple Plan to See Healing from A New Perspective

Are you ready to move forward in your healing journey? This book is a 10 step process that will do just that for you. The book is set up as an easy read so you can read it while in the middle of any healing journey. It will walk you step by step from confusion to focus. Find out more: by Clicking on the book to order a paperback copy or e-book through or contact me to purchase a paperback copy.

PLEASE VOTE: My book is a finalist for the Authors Academy. You can vote at - Click on the Vote Now for 2019 button, on the top of the list you will see an arrow for 1-16, go to page 7 to Vote for Your Favorite Health Books - My book is the 32nd book. Thanks!

Mindset for Healing

Create a New Perspective

Tap Into Your Personal Power to Heal

Live Your Life to the Fullest

Your Healing Journey Begins Here with a Free Mindset for Healing Meditation.

(No sign up! Just click on Free Mindset for Healing Meditation and enjoy.)

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Tirtzah Sandor is an empath, intuitive and healer that uses her gifts to guide you to create a mindset for healing. Having been through many healing journeys and as a breast cancer releaser, Tirtzah knows firsthand what it is like to need a mindset/reset to pull through and heal. She is a mindset coach and the international author of Mindset for Healing: A Profound Yet Simple Plan to See Healing from a New Perspective.

She is a certified health and wellness coach, certified laughter yoga leader, certified breathologist and has earned Level 2 Reiki.


Creating a Mindset for Healing takes time, support and an accountability partner.

To go deeper with the Ten-Step Program work with me to help guide you through and personalize the plan.

Take control of your healing journey 

1:1 Coaching

Group Program

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