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“I am a hardworking, logically minded professional that had to learn the hard way that despite career success, I was very unsuccessful at managing stress. I had a history of various ailments all attacking at once whenever I was overwhelmed, and I would often experience anxiety over anything and everything! And then one day I decided to attend a couple of seminars given by Tirtzah that were put on by my employer.

I learned a lot about myself and how I was the reason for much of my stress. And I was awe struck by the calm and tranquility exuded by Tirtzah, and this was ultimately why I sought out her counsel. I wanted to learn how to have those things myself!

So I hired Tirtzah and in 6 months she helped me learn how to keep stress and anxiety at bay, how to better prioritize and manage my time, and ways to better nurture and take care of myself and my relationship. It was life changing for me and my relationship with my significant other.

I highly recommend Tirtzah to anyone who needs to make changes in their life to help them be more effective and experience less stress and anxiety.

Things continue to be busier and more hectic than ever but I keep breathing and am still working out almost daily during the week!”

- Nicolette Modes


“I have had the pleasure to work with Tirtzah. We met twice per month over a six-month period.

My reason for using Tirtzah was to help me de-stress my life by becoming more organized in many areas of my life. These include: career, finances, health, creativity, and spirituality.

She was also a wealth of information on proper diet, relaxation techniques, goal setting and physical fitness.

As a result of us meeting and working on these areas of my life, I have improved in all these aspects.

Tirtzah’s methods provide the information and gentle prodding that produce positive results.

I recommend her without reservation to someone that feels “overwhelmed” with their current life situation.”

- Ron Klenk


“Tirtzah brings an invaluable combination of intuitive insight, knowledge of the important components of health and wellness, and experience to her work.

She understands our needs as human beings come from many angles. When she teaches aspects of proper diet, understanding of nourishment as coming not only from our food but also our internal and external environments, and how important compassion for ourselves and others is for our own well-being, great value is added by her knowledge and her caring.

And she knows that when we laugh, we get closer to our en-light-en-ment, which is probably why she likes to laugh so much.

I highly recommend Tirtzah.”

- Himavat Ishaya

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“I have had the honor of working with Tirtzah. As a coach on my own for over ten years, I have very high expectations.

I have found Tirtzah to be an empathic listener, ask the right questions to get me to think through my personal situations and give me sound advice based to help me resolve my issues quickly and effectively.

I would highly recommend Tirtzah as a personal coach. She is highly professional, caring and shows a lot of concern for her clients.”

- Michael Ehrler


“Having Tirtzah’s support has offered me accountability that I need for my self-discipline. I have been on a roller coaster during the time we have worked together. I knew that I was losing myself in all the chaos of building a home, taking care of the needs and demands of home life, work, keeping myself sane and making sure I attend to my health.

I have come quite a long way even though twice I have been down and regressing. I know the information Tirtzah has shared with me will carry me through time. I know my situation will change and I will be able to take the tools needed to stay focused towards the goals I have for myself.

What has impressed me the most is that Tirtzah has worked with me to work through problems that arose and she has done it in a way that works for me and my lifestyle.

I have been given tools that will work for me in my life setting that are practical and achievable.”

- Elaine Johnson


“Tirtzah had the entire room engaged from the beginning of her workshop, something I haven't seen in all the years I have attended the University Photographers Symposiums.

She gave us great information on snacks to carry with us and making healthy choices when eating on the run.

When she presented Laughter Yoga exercises to use while walking across campus or waiting on the photo shoot, the entire room of approximately 75 photographers were participating and laughing.

After the presentation, someone wanted a picture and everyone in the room turned, pointed at the photographer and laughed.

I would recommend Tirtzah to speak at any event.”

- Jeff Sabo, Miami University Photographer

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Book Reviews


Mindset for Healing is a gift. Every word comes from a special place in Tirtzah Sandor’s soul. She didn’t just write the words; she lived them and continues to live them every single day. While the book was written as she continued her recovery from breast cancer, the steps she describes in poignant detail can be applied to any adversity, and, in fact, any phase of life. The book encompasses the mindset Tirtzah has used to approach her marriage, parenthood, professional career, friendships, illness and so on.

Tirtzah approaches life with a loving heart, a generous soul and a remarkable calm. You’ll want a copy of Mindset for Healing for yourself and those you love dearly.

- Jodi Krizer Graber


When something unexpected comes along that turns your world upside down, it can cause a flurry of racing thoughts, gripping fear and chaotic emotions.

At a time like this…it’s comforting to know that someone has paved the way and is now helping others…just like you!

Mindset for Healing, A Profound Plan to See Healing from a New Perspective, by Tirtzah Sandor, while written because of her journey through a physical illness, her story and “new perspective” is equally beneficial for any other type of healing that is needed; healing from a broken relationship, healing from emotional wounds or healing from a mindset of belief systems that are no longer serving you.

- Mindy J. Kaleta, Ladybird Junction Farm


I have had the pleasure of treating Tirtzah both pre and post cancer diagnosis. As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Tirtzah had a wide array of tools to implement in her own treatment plan. These tools allowed her body and mind to heal.

She has taken her experiences and shared in a wonderful, easy to read book, "Mindset for Healing". The book offers the reader insight on ways they may help themselves and is a wonderful resource for all to read.

I highly recommend it for anyone going through any type of healing journey be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

- Dr. Shauna Hindman, Polaris Wellness, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Center

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