The Story That Changed My Life and Changed My Focus



Each of us is unique and has our own way of healing.

How can I help you move through your personal healing journey?

I am here to listen and guide you by using my knowledge, experiences and empathic intuition to help guide you through your journey.

Life can change in a minute. For me it was a diagnosis of triple negative, inflammatory, stage 3 breast cancer in 2016. I set aside my holistic stress management coaching business and did everything in my power to release the cancer. I am happy to say, it was worth all the effort and I was successful!

This healing journey led me on another transformation. I took on a new name. My name - Geri Sue - no longer felt like me so I am now known as Tirtzah. It means, hope and delight in hebrew. It has been empowering and a way to acknowledge that I am no longer the same person I had been before the diagnosis.


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My Journey to Becoming Your Healing Partner



More Information about My Journey


Some Personal Information

I am passionate about helping people. As an empath and intuitive, I see things in others that most people don't see and I know how to help people bring out the best in themselves, step into their own power and allow their voice to be heard.

I began my coaching journey as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach after receiving my certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I realized that what my clients needed most was to work on stress issues, so I became a Holistic Stress Management Coach utilizing my health and wellness knowledge and adding Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and taking breath work classes. After stepping away from my business to heal and release the breast cancer, I began to write about my healing journey and realized that the mindset I used to heal was what got me through. I am here to help you with whatever you need to make your healing journey a little easier.

Throughout my life, I have moved a lot, changed jobs, made new friends (which used to be a huge issue for me), faced health and stress challenges and have come out on the other side with an amazing fulfilling life. 

I have had 2 major knee surgeries. The last one was in 1988 and left my left knee bone on bone. 

In 1999 I was at work and something came through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit. It sent me to the hospital.  I was diagnosed with unspecified respiratory problems, irritated airways, fibromyalgia, GERD, and vocal cord dysfunction. I was flat on my back sick. Not only was I dealing with the stress of the illness, I was dealing with the stress of fighting with worker’s comp every day. After about 3 months, I woke up one day and said "enough is enough". I fired the famous clinic that “was taking care of me” and took my health into my own hands. I did research, found a chiropractor and massage therapist to help me. I kept going until I was able to get my life back. I kept the vision of healing in front of me at all times. When dealing with all my health challenges, the amount of stress it created on my life was unreal.  My daughter was a junior in high school, she was very involved in gymnastics and theatre and other activities. I was too sick to attend some of her events and I did not want to miss going on her college visits.  I did not allow the lack of energy, stress or health challenges to stop me.  I learned ways to be able to do the important things in life. I chose to manage the illness and stress instead of allowing it to manage me. 

I love to sew, walk, travel, crotchet, spend time with family and friends, volunteer and laugh. I enjoy learning new things and attending workshops. I am active in our temple. I recently started painting with acrylics.

I am married and my husband and I recently celebrated our 40th anniversary. We have an adult daughter. I used to have cats. (My husband is allergic, so no more cats in the house. Thankfully I have friends who let me visit their cats.) I am grateful I am able to do a lot of traveling, which I love. Seeing different cultures and meeting new people expand you. I volunteer as a mentor at a wonderful place called Lifetown. I believe in giving to charities, especially those that directly help feed and help people where the food and clothing go directly to the people that need it. I love laughing and making people smile. I learned that taking care of myself is the most important thing I can do to have the energy and time to help others.