Does a Life Transition have you Overwhelmed and Stuck?

OverwhelmI am always looking for better ways to serve my clients. One of my life challenges has been that I want to help everyone and believe me, I have tried. What I have learned is that helping everyone is not realistic, especially in my business. So many times what we do best is right in front of our noses and we don't see it. Instead of struggling and stressing to figure this out alone, I asked some wonderful friends and colleagues to do a brainstorming session. During the session they helped me figure out what it is I do best and how to better express it.

What came out of the brainstorming session:

I help people through the stress of life transitions. I am good at helping people organize, focus and be productive.

My new mission for Connect To Calm:

To empower people to calmly manage the chaos and struggles of stressful life transitions.

My new message:

Do you know that getting stuck and foggy thinking are symptoms of stress? When you are moving through a transition, making time for yourself, having the right mindset and attitude and taking time to enjoy the journey, can simplify the transition. We work together step-by-step to unravel chaos and stress, finding ways for you to calmly, positively, easily and confidently move forward.

I would love to hear your thoughts and insights.

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I am still offering my Complimentary Chaos to Bliss Strategy Session; Stress Busting Session; 3 Steps from Chaos to Bliss and my 12 week program Your Magical Journey From Chaos to Bliss.

I have added a new program from Worries to Wings - details are below. It is so new that I haven't put it up on the website yet!

I hope you are enjoying the summer and if you live in areas with all the rain, are able to get out and be in nature as often as possible.