April is Stress Awareness Month.  

The Stress in American Survey put out by American Psychological Society has published it's 2014 findings. Stressed out has become the new normal for many people.

  • 43% of those surveyed say that without emotional support stress has increased 21% say they did not make lifestyle changes because they are too stressed 46% say the felt sad or depressed in the last month due to stress.

75% - 95% of all doctor’s visits are due to stress according to WebMD, Dr. Andrew Weil and others.

When we learn to manage our stress we are able to live a calmer, healthier, happier life.

The first step in is to become aware of what is causing the stress.

Chemicals in the air we breathe, the cleaning solutions we use, the clothes we wear and the foods we consume can cause stress on our bodies since our bodies are not made to digest or to release the chemicals we breathe or put on our skin.

Stress can also be caused by how you react in a situation, the words you think and speak and just about anything you do.

Not all stress is bad.

Eustress, the stress that we have when we are excited is a good stress that helps to motivate and move us forward

Each person has different triggers.

What is no big deal for one person can be a huge stress trigger for someone else. It is all about finding out what your personal triggers are and then finding ways to recognize and manage the triggers so they no longer send you into chaos.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you over schedule yourself?
  • Do you eat on the run?
  • Do you make sure everyone else is taken care of and neglect yourself?
  • Are you unorganized?
  • Are you living your authentic life?
  • Are you living or working in an environment with lots of chemicals?
  • A good way to get in touch with your stress triggers is to keep a stress trigger journal.

Note anything that creates a change.

Did you eat something that caused discomfort, did someone say something in a certain way that caused your blood to boil, did the new shirt you purchased make you a little anxious, were you somewhere and noticed that you didn’t feel quite right?

Anytime you notice that you are stressed or anxious, write it down and note what caused the feeling.

Review your diary on a regular basis. See if there are any patterns. Do you get more stressed when you eat a certain food? Do you get more stressed when you have not gotten enough sleep? Do you get more stressed when someone in particular says something and why?

When you recognize your triggers, you are able to be prepared the next time you are in a situation that you know will trigger your stress. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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I am here to guide and support you in managing your stress! Health, Happiness and lots of laughter, breathing and stress management.

Geri Sue