I have to admit I have sat down quite a few times to write this article and nothing was coming to me. So I decided to sleep on it. This morning, I chose to do a Chopra Center Agni* Meditation. During the meditation they were speaking about change and how it effects our bodies and the light went on and I knew that I needed to write about change, fear and illness. I love synchronicity!

One of my clients is on the brink of a huge change. During their session they came head to head with a decision to make a major change in their business. After the change takes place, life will look a whole lot different. They will have connected with what they are meant to do and potentially this means great success. So what happened after the session....the client became ill.

This is not unusual. I too am working through some changes. I have peculated the idea of a Women's Circle for many years and now that it is coming to fruition - I am having some challenges with my health. I am working through this step by step. As I release each of the fears that come up and the stuck energy they create, I am able to take the next step to move forward. As you can see in my information below about the Worries to Wings Women's Circle in my upcoming events, I know where and have not finalized the day and time yet. I will have this completed by the end of the week. I am getting very excited about how this will change and enrich my life and will do the same for so many others. With the excitement comes the release of the pain of stuck energy that is within me.

When we are looking into the changes of getting healthy, creating a business, a career change, moving, etc. many times fear sets in and settles in our body. It is a way to keep us "safe" and in our comfort zone even if the comfort zone is not very comfortable.

So how do you move through this. Take some time to meditate and feel whatever it is that you are feeling. Ask your body what it is holding onto and why. Allow yourself to face the fears. Picture what life looks like on the other side. Breathe in the knowledge that the change is going to be wonderful and breathe out any fear. As you do this, allow yourself to relax and release.

I suggest journaling what comes up for you during the meditation and how you were able to move forward. You can also use journaling to ask the questions, clear your mind and just write. This way you have a reference for what worked for you and can look back when a similar situation arises.

There is a wonderful book written by Louise L. Hay titled "You Can Heal Your Life." In the book she gives information about what the probable cause is for the pain (stuck energy) and suggests an affirmation to help release it. I use this as a reference for me and for my clients. I always find it amazing how well the message of where the pain is and the probable cause is spot on the majority of the time.

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