Give Yourself Permission To...

PermissionWhen was the last time you gave yourself permission to do something you really want to do? What happened when you gave yourself permission? I was working with a client and we were speaking about self-care. She said that this is something that she doesn't do well. I asked when was the last time she gave herself permission to take care of herself. She hesitated and said - I don't give myself permission.

Unless we give our self permission, many times we don't make the time. Susan's goal was to create a permission slip to keep where she has it with her at all times.I suggested she be creative so that it is something that resonates with her. Thanks Susan for allowing me to share your permission slip!

When I do a Laughter Yoga Workshop - I hand out permission slips that say "I give myself permission to laugh and let out my inner child." Why do I do this? I do this because sometimes giving yourself permission to have fun is a challenge. We have been conditioned to act a certain way and that in some cases if we fun, we may be looked down upon or criticized. We live in a society of comparing ourselves to those around us. When you do Laughter Yoga, it is about releasing your inner child, laughing and having a good time. People laugh at the permission slips - a start to the process of releasing.

What are you going to give yourself permission to do? I would love to see the creative ways you do your permission slips. Please share on my facebook page or send them to me via email at Let me know if I have permission to share or if the information is confidential. I will respect your wishes.

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