Creativity is an Amazing Way to Connect to Your True Self


There has been a lot of new research into creativity. Here is link to an article about how Art Heals (there are a lot of ads, but the article is worth reading.) It talks about how just looking at and appreciating art makes a difference in healing.

I recently attended the Creative Collaborative Retreat in Cincinnati. It is a gathering of amazing women where we spend time in sacred circle, connect, bring our gifts to share (art talents, meditation, etc.) and spend time creating. Each year I learn something new about my creative self that I either detached from or never knew I had talent to do. This year I painted with acrylic paints on a canvas - picture is above, I did improv and found out that I loved it. Most important to me was that I reconnected to a part of me that I have long suppressed. When I was much younger I wrote poetry. I had a teacher who said some very negative things to me and I allowed those thoughts to take over and I stopped writing. During the retreat I wrote a poem. I would love your thoughts.

How this came about. We were having a conversation and one women said she felt like a bird in a nest at the retreat. Three of us decided to write her a poem. Here is mine:



In the nest



In order to experience

New things

The bird

Has to fly.




Saying YES


All these things allow the bird to take wings and fly. Fly little bird. Fly!!

I wish each and every one of you an amazing, creative flight full of magic and adventure.

How can you be more creative this year? Instead of buying gifts, what can you make for people.Take some time to be creative. It is great for reducing stress and also a much more meaningful gift to the recipient. It does not have to be something that takes a lot of time. If it comes from the heart, that is what is most important.

Wishing you bliss,

Geri Sue

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