Is your comfort zone really comfortable?

comfort zone

comfort zone

During the High Holy Days I attended a spiritual service and one of the readings really struck me so I want to share. "In the 1960s, President Eisenhower received the gift of a rare white tiger name Mohini. For years Mohini lived in the Washington Zoo and spent her days pacing back and forth in a 12X12 foot cage. Finally the zoo decided to build her a larger cage so Mohini could run, climb and explore. But when Mohini arrived at her new home, she didn't rush out, eagerly adapting to her new habitat. Rather, she marked off a 12-by-12 foot square for herself, and paced there until her death, never enjoying the new opportunities in front of her. Mohini exemplifies the classic conditioning most of us live within. Although she was a magnificent, powerful creature, Mohini was convinced her "place" was just a 12-by-12 foot square. We all have the the propensity to behave exactly like Monini. Based on our conditioning, we create invisible cages for ourselves, limiting our lives within boundaries." Rabba Sara Hurwitz.

We set our boundaries and comfort zones according to what we believe about ourselves. Some of the time, our comfort zones are not really comfortable, yet we choose to stay in them.

When we come across a great opportunity or when we have changes in our lives, we don't always embrace them because it is not what we are used to and are afraid to go beyond our own expectations of ourselves.

Life is such a wonderful journey and when you spend your time stuck in the same space what are you missing?

Do you set boundaries and crawl into your comfort zone at times when you know you need to break them down and move forward?

Are you ready to embrace the changes in your life and go on your magical journey?