Possible or Impossible?

blogpostimagejune5When you are faced with a challenge, what words do you use? If you say or think something will be IMPOSSIBLE, than it will be. Just by dropping the first two letters of the word impossible, you have changed the word from Impossible to Possible! How simple is that?

Last night I listened to a webinar with Deepak Chopra about Success Without Struggle. One of the things he spoke about was looking at challenges as opportunities. When you change the words and thoughts you use, you change your energy and allow coincidences and synchronicity to flow.

After the call, I pulled out my book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra and plan on reading and spending time meditating on the lessons. I know I personally work too hard and need to let go a little more.

This book teaches a different way to look at success. Instead of the way we have been programmed which is "You have to work harder to move forward and be successful", it connects us with the laws of nature and a mindset change.

I have read this book before and always enjoy re-reading books that come to my attention. Again, it is synchronicity for me. I need to read it so I can learn more ways to help myself and my clients.

One of the ways I help clients is to help them with changing negative thoughts and words to positive thoughts and words. I have worked and continue to work on this in my own life. What I have found for myself and for my clients is that when you do this, life begins to change. You start noticing small changes and then you see that things you want and need begin to appear, many times in the form of coincidences or synchronicity. You begin to manifest what you want and need.

In the the next few weeks, I challenge you to begin to think more positively. Use positive thoughts and words and NOTICE what changes around you. Keep a notebook or journal handy and track how you make the changes, what thoughts and words you changed and what "appeared" in your life.

I would love to hear about all the positive changes!!! Please post comments on my facebook page.

Happy Summer!

Wishing you bliss, Geri Sue