Reflections on a Winter Solstice Night Hike

Rick and I went on a night hike at InnisWood Metro Park in Westerville, OH on Dec. 21st for the Winter Solstice.
The night was clear, the stars were out and all that the group had for light were a few candle lit lanterns. There was a guide. Rick and I had never walked the trails during the day so they were unfamiliar to us. The following morning I wrote my reflections.
Walking by the light of the candle lit lanterns.
Not knowing where the path will lead.
Trusting that I will go in the right direction.
Curves, hills and bridges to cross,
All in darkness, surrounded by strangers
Reflecting on the past year.
What curves did life throw at me?
What hills did I have to climb?
What bridges did I choose to cross?
No matter what came my way,
I am now stronger
From the experience.
Thinking of the future.
More curves, hills and bridges,
What will I choose?
What will be my guiding light in each situation?
Who will I choose to help carry the lantern?
Who will just walk beside me
As I go forward on my path
Into the darkness of the unknown.
Geri Sue Sandor
I invite you to reflect upon your own life. There are choices to make each and every day. These choices will mold you into who you will become.
I would love to walk beside you on your path in 2015 to guide you in making choices from your heart so you are in tune with your true authentic self,  finding ways to make time for you and stop giving yourself away, stop the negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-talk and positive spoken words, find ways to make time to organize your life so that you are creating more time, increasing your energy and living a calmer, healthier life.
Wishing those that celebrate a very Merry Christmas.
To Everyone, I wish you a Very Happy New Year full of love, light and laughter.
Wishing you bliss,
Geri Sue
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