Is Stress Keeping You from Enjoying the Holidays?

I love the holiday season. For me it is a time to reconnect with people I haven't spoken with for a long time. I love all the decorations, the parties and the fun.

For some, the holiday season becomes a very stressful time. We think we have to do everything and go to all the parties. When we get together with family, we fall right back into "our place" within the family. We revert back to our childhood even though we are adults.

This year make a choice to commit to enjoying the holidays!

  • Make sure to take time for just you.
  • Make some relaxing time.
  • Buy yourself a gift.
  • When you are with your family, be the adult you are now. Speak up and don't allow the family to put you in the place they believe you belong - back as the child you used to be.
  • Make choices as to what you really want to do and do it.
  • Make choices what you prefer not to do and hold your ground if it doesn't feel right to you to do them.
  • CHOOSE to make the holidays special the way you want them to be!

Wishing you blissful, calm holidays whatever you celebrate.

May you have light in your life during the darkness of the Winter Solstice.

Geri Sue