Roadblocks - Do they STOP you or do you CONTINUE to move forward?

Changes comes with glitches. It is how you handle them that matters!

So how did I handle it?  I pulled myself up, contacted Rhonda Holscher, my Virtual Assistant, asked for help, told myself everything was going to be fine and that anything that didn't work out, I would take care of it later.  The new company is now up and running, there are things that need to be changed and I DID IT!

What challenges are you facing, that you have allowed to create road blocks and stop you from doing them, or have you chosen to move forward no matter what?

One of the most challenging things to do is to ask for help. There are so many times that if we just asked for the help, our life would be so much easier. Mindset change - asking for help is not a sign of weakness as most of us were told during our lives. Asking for help is knowing what your strengths are and being able to let go and ask someone who has strengths in other areas to assist us.  It is a way of taking care of ourselves by letting go and not holding onto what may in the end keep us from reaching our goals.