Dealing with Stress during Chaotic Times

As I'm writing this post, the packers are here packing up our house for the move. Life has been a bit chaotic with selling the house, finding a new house, taking care of all the details and finding places to store items during the interim between selling and buying. There have been a lot of curve balls thrown in during this time. I am happy to say that on October 1st we will be moving into our new home in Westerville, OH! I am looking forward to a new journey on my life's great adventure!

Here are some of the tips that kept me going and kept me calm during this move.

Tips on working through chaotic times:

  1. Call a friend to help put things into perspective.
  2. Stay organized - I personally am a list maker, this really helps me.
  3. Schedule your day, stick to it, but allow flexibility.
  4. Make sure to take time for yourself. (I continue to exercise, journal and meditate each day.)
  5. Step away from what you are doing, breathe, center and take another look.
  6. Play motivating music, whether it is meditative or hard rock, whatever motivates you is great.
  7. Keep a vision of what is going to happen at the end of the chaos. (I have been visualizing what our new house will look like when we are all moved in and settled.)
  8. Spend time with friends.
  9. Remember this too shall pass.
  10. Celebrate everything you accomplished during the day. You most likely accomplished a lot more than you thought you did.

Update: When I wrote this to be sent out, everything was going smoothly. Our closing date has changed by 2 weeks and now there is more to do and all the changes that need to be made to change utility turnoff dates, changing the movers, etc. Yes, I am a little stressed. Taking my advice from above and moving forward.

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