Taking Chaos out of the Holidays

Do you find yourself cringing when you hear theholiday season is coming? Do you dread having to go to all the parties? Do you hate all the shopping that goes along with the holidays?

You can make the choice to enjoy the holidays.

This year give yourself a gift of holiday gratitude:

  1. Use positive words when thinking about the holidays.
  2. Be grateful and thankful for all that you have.
  3. Be thankful for the family and friends in your life.
  4. Think of parties as wonderful ways to connect with people you haven't seen in a long time.
  5. Accept people for who they are.
  6. If you go somewhere expecting the worse to happen, it will. If you expect the best to happen, there is a good chance that you can change the energy and good things will happen.
  7. Think of the time cooking as a time to be mindful and enjoy. You can always ask others to bring food. Take the opportunity to try something new.
  8. Make shopping a game. Set out to find a treasure and see what comes your way.
  9. Be creative with the holiday cards this year. Think of it as a great way to connect with people.
  10. Make sure you take time for yourself!!!

I would love to hear how you create calm for your Thanksgiving this year. Please post on my facebook page.

Have a very Happy and Grateful Thanksgiving!.

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